As a general contractor you have a lot on your plate.  Knowing what you need for safety training can be daunting, but getting it done pays off in a safe work place, no fines, lower workman’s comp rates, and peace of mind.  Here are five classes you may need to accomplish those goals:

Labor and Industries Safety Compliance Day:  This one day class meets most written plan and awareness training requirements for Contractors in Washington State. Includes: Construction Accident Prevention and Safety; PPE; Fall Protection; Ladders, Scaffolds and Stairways; and Heat Stress Rules . Receive a sample written safety plan, customized forms,  52 safety meetings and training for your employees.  This class has the most value for the time of any class we teach.

Fall Protection Competent Person Training: 

The most fatalities and the most fines in construction come from lack of Fall Protection Competent Person Training.  This class covers  the design of fall protection systems; the use of personal fall protections systems; inspection, cleaning and maintenance of equipment; and basic rescue techniques techniques. Workers will see various fall protection systems and concepts in the video “Don’t Hit the Ground”.   Course also includes basic rescue training and written site specific fall protection plan as required by WAC 296-155-Part C-1.

Confined Space Competent Person:

This class covers what contractors need to know for the updated Confined Space Standard in Washington.  When does an attic or a crawlspace become a confined space?  A person with competent person training can decide and that may save you thousands in fines and more importantly a life.   This covers Supervisor, Attendant, and Entrant roles, along with how to designate confined spaces as “NON PERMIT REQUIRED”.  Class covers the WAC 296-809 Confined Space Standard and provides a Competent person card with successful completion.

Excavation and Trenching Competent Person:

If you work in or create excavation and trenches, you need a competent person to evaluate hazards such as cave ins.  Get the training, forms, and expertise needed to successfully and safely comply with Competent Person requirements from WAC 296-155 Part N.

Renovation Requirements for Silica, Lead, Asbestos and Mold:

This class covers health hazards in construction and required awareness training for health hazards in construction.  Asbestos Awareness (2 hours) is required for employers who work in buildings where their employees might contact asbestos per WAC 296-62-07722. Particularly in per-1978 buildings, but in others also, workers may come in to contact with lead based paint or lead in a form that may cause exposure and are employers are required to provide training to those workers on WAC 296-155-176. Washington State is required to update it’s Silica rule to meet OSHAs new standard for worker exposure in construction. This class covers, containment, work practices, PPE and decontamination for health hazards.

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Review your Safety Program for 2017

It’s a new year and time to get a fresh start with your safety program.  You can still use the 2014 Version of the Monthly Safety Plan for a road map for safety meetings and written plans.  We anticipate the Calendar will work through this year, but a new one will be need in 2018.

We get this question a lot… What employee TRAINING is required by Contractors and how often?   This list will help.

Company Policy and Accident Prevention Plan – Initial**

Fire Extinguisher Training – Annual**

Ladder Safety – Initial  and as needed**

Heat Stress – Annual**

PPE – Initial and as needed**

Tool Safety – Initial and as needed**

Electrical Safety (non-electrician) – Initial and as needed**

     These topics are all included in our LNI Safety Day Class**

Fall Protection Competent Person – Once and per Job

Scaffold Competent Person – Once and Site Specific Follow Up

Respiratory,  Medical Evaluations, and Fit Testing – Annual

First Aid – Every 2 years

Forklift Operator – Every 3 years

GHS HAZCOM – Initial and as needed

Asbestos Awareness 2 Hours – Annual*

Lead in Construction  – Annual*

Silica – Annual*

                   *These topics are in our Renovation Requirements Class

Confined Space Competent Person – Initial and as needed

Excavation and Trenching Competent Person – Initial and as needed

Many of these topics are covered thoroughly in the Monthly Safety Plan.  However,  if you would to schedule an of these trainings with us, please contact!


Health Hazards in Construction – Training Materials

Funded by Labor & Industries Safety and Health Investments Project Grant, we are excited to announce the release of new training materials for Contractors in construction relating to the health hazards and safety requirements of Lead, Asbestos, Silica and Mold in Washington State.

There is a PowerPoint presentation ready for download and use and a handout to use alongside it for training in your company.

Visit our Health Hazards page HERE for more information and download links.

Also be sure to follow us on YouTube for upcoming training videos about this topic focusing on Work Practices, Containment, Decontamination and PPE.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 4.15.53 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 4.17.37 PMAre you looking for OSHA 10 training for your employees also? We have a class available on October 12-13, 2015 in Kent, WA. This is a great time of year for a safety refresher. There is also a First Aid class available on the second day. If you’re interested please register HERE.


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