New Employee Posters Required in Washington State

Tumwater – The Department of Labor & Industries has mailed a new set of required workplace posters to employers in Washington state. A major change in the workers’ compensation poster (Notice to Employees-If a Job Injury Occurs) prompted the mailing—injured workers must now see a network medical provider for ongoing care.

Employers covered by Washington’s workers’ compensation program must post three workplace posters from L&I: Notice to Employees-If a Job Injury Occurs; Job Safety and Health Law; and Your Rights as a Worker.

The self-insurance version of Notice to Employees was mailed to self-insured businesses, which also receive the other two posters.

Employers need to post the new posters dated 12-2012 where employees can read them, and they need to remove the previous editions. Additional free copies can be ordered at Information about other government posters and answers to questions employers may have about required posters are also provided on this Web page.

Employers may also receive advertisements from private vendors that sell these and other government posters. L&I does not charge for additional copies of the posters.


The major changes in the posters include:

Notice to Employees – If a Job Injury Occurs (Document/Ordering No. F242-191-909)

  • Information added on L&I’s new medical provider network.
  • New ways to file a Report of Accident including online and by phone.

For self-insured businesses:
Notice to Employees – Self-Insurance (Document/Ordering No. F207-037-909)

  • Information added on the new medical provider network.
  • Types of qualified health-care providers listed.
  • Deadlines for filing claims provided.

Job Safety and Health Law (Document/Ordering No. F416-081-909)

  • New requirement that employers fix cited serious hazards during appeal or request a “stay” of abatement when they file an appeal.
  • How workers can file a discrimination complaint if they believe their rights under the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act have been violated.

Your Rights as a Worker in Washington State (Document/Ordering No. F700-074-909)

  • How victims of human trafficking can get help.
  • Some poster content rewritten for clarity.


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