Disaster Site Worker


Fire, Police, and EMS are not the only agencies that respond to a disaster.  Often, public works and construction employees are at the forefront on protecting life safety, stabilizing the situation and preserving property and infrastructure for the communities they live in.  As a Business, State Agency, County, or City, have you prepared your workers to respond in a disaster?  Do they have what they need to work for several days without the support of another agency?  Can you provide a safe and healthy workplace during a disaster?  If not, providing Disaster Site Worker training will help your organization fill in the gaps.


  • Participants leave with OSHA 10 and OSHA 7600 Nationally Recognized Training
  • Employees will learn family, location, and personal preparedness
  •  Your Construction or Public Works Employees will be prepared to safely do their Jobs during a Disaster

OSHA 10- CONSTRUCTION SAFETY (10 Hours): This class includes Introduction to OSHA;  Construction Accident Prevention and Safety; PPE; Fall Protection; Ladders, Scaffolds and Stairways; Heat Related Rules; Excavation and Trenching Awareness, Respiratory Protection and Hazard Communication.

OSHA 7600- DISASTER SITE WORKER (15 Hours): The Disaster Site Worker Outreach Training Program is a training program for Disaster Site Workers who provide skilled support services, (e.g. utility, demolition, debris removal, or heavy equipment operation) or site clean-up services in response to natural and man-made disasters. Specifically, it is  recognized that all workers at disaster sites need to be aware of the  differences between disaster sites and regular construction or demolition worksites and be able to inspect, don, and doff air-purifying respirators.

Disaster Site Workers: Be Ready when Needed

Training Opportunities 

If you are interested in this 4 day class for your organization please contact Kris Alberti 509-750-7553 or kris@nicatraining.com.

Base cost for up to 20 students for Public Works, Utilities, and Construction Companies is $8000.



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