Though the federal overtime rule is in flux… Washington’s already tough overtime and salary rules require:

  • Time and half pay for over 40 hours for salaried workers.
  • Time and half comp time offered for certain salaried employees.
  • Most working foreman do not qualify to be salaried in Washington State.

Confined space rules have changed to include having a competent person to evaluate confined spaces on construction sites.  These could include:

  • Attics
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Vaults

New Silica rules are just around the corner for Washington State.  The new rule will include specific items like:

  • Training for Silica Hazards like cement siding
  • Respiratory Protection

Join us at our Washington Contractor Basics, Confined Space, Renovation Requirements, and L&I Safety Day classes this year to stay up on the latest requirements!


View NICA’s “Don’t Hit the Ground” video from our successful 2016 SHIP grant program.

Funding and support for this project was provided by the State of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries, Safety and Health Investments Projects.

All contractors with a 10′ fall hazard are required to have a written fall protection plan.  We’ve taken some the work out of this for you in our July section of the NICA Monthly Safety Plan.   Though this does not cover every aspect of fall protection, it is a good start for most residential contractors.    You’ll also need a Site Specific Fall Protection Plan that is a form you fill out that is tailored to your current jobsite and includes a spot for the fob site address, specific measures to protect employees, and your rescue plan.


This plan has a digital format you can download from nicasafety.com with live links to training resources, forms, and other materials.   We also will have copies of the printed calendar version available at Contractor Training Days (you can get multiple copies).  We will not be able to send out copies, you must download the calendar or attend a FREE Contractor Training Day to get your copies.

NICA Fall Prevention Resources
Click here for resources, videos and posters

Funding and support for this project provided by State of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries, Safety and Health Investments Projects.   See lni.wa.gov/safety for more information on worker safety.

Other Training Programs we provide:

  • Labor and Industries required Written Safety Programs and Training
  • OSHA 10
  • EPA’s Certified Lead Renovator (RRP)
  • Disaster Site Worker for Public Agencies
  • Global Harmonization System (GHS) HAZCOM Training
  • Respiratory Programs
  • Fall Protection Competent Person
  • Excavation and Trenching Competent Person
  • Employee/Independent Contractor Requirement Training
  • Liaison to State of Washington for our Members
  • Referral Services for Members

To ask a question about the custom training we provide, contact Kris Alberti.

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